Common Problems That Can Develop With Your AC’s Compressor

July 15, 2022
AC compressor tips in Somerset, KY

Your AC unit consists of several components, but there are vital parts that work to ensure that your AC unit functions efficiently and effectively. These include the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. However, the AC compressor is the most mechanical component of these critical parts. Its sole purpose is to circulate the refrigerant responsible for making warm air cold throughout the unit.

AC compressors do excellent work. However, running them almost every time under pressure can result in costly repairs. Sometimes you may need to replace the whole unit, though this is mainly if you do not keep up with routine maintenance services. Below are a few compressor problems that require the immediate attention of a specialist to enhance the proper running of your system.

Low Refrigerant Charge

Refrigerant is a chemical blend that soaks up heat from your home’s interior, cooling down the rooms through the aid of compressors and evaporators. A low refrigerant level results from leaks within the system and originates from the evaporator coil, faulty valve, or a fitting. Sometimes the leaks might come from holes and cracks within the refrigerant lines.

Since the refrigerant evaporates as it leaks out, it can be challenging to notice any dripping. Instead, the common sign that can prove that you have a low refrigerant charge is the presence of ice or frost on the coils. And if your AC’s efficiency to cool your house lowers, it might be a sign that the unit has a refrigerant leak. Failure to address this problem promptly might cause your unit to overheat, resulting in the failure of your AC’s compressor. Therefore, if you suspect your AC has a low refrigerant charge, contact an HVAC professional immediately to inspect your unit.

Electrical Problems

Capacitor and wiring are among the top areas of an AC compressor where electrical faults can occur. Although it happens often, corroding or fraying of the wiring can negatively impact the compressor’s functioning and the flow of electricity within the AC. Sometimes the capacitors within the compressor can also develop issues, resulting in the malfunctioning of the compressor.

Fortunately, you can avert electrical problems within your air conditioner by scheduling regular maintenance and inspection services. In addition to keeping your AC’s wiring in top condition, our professional technicians can identify and repair any damaged wiring, fuses, and contractors that might result in compressor failure.

Problems With the Motor

Your AC’s compressor motor is similar to other models: it can malfunction because of dirty components, loss of lubrication, and excess stress. Other issues that a compressor motor can experience include a bad start delay and loose wires. When the motor fails from additional strain, the compressor will encounter difficulty turning on and might even start for a short time before it turns off. This causes the compressor to work extremely hard, draining a lot of energy and resulting in high utility bills.

However, the most significant danger of having a malfunctioning motor is that the hard start will force the compressor to burn out because of over-heating. And since you can rarely fix a burnt-out compressor and replacing the compressor is expensive, you will end up replacing the whole unit. If the condenser cabinet starts creating screeching and grinding sounds, it might be a sign that the motor is malfunctioning. Therefore, you should contact an HVAC specialist to inspect and remedy the situation before it escalates.

Burned-Out AC Compressor

The problem of having a burnt-out AC compressor arises mainly in the unit’s electrical system. Any vulnerability or damage to the motor’s wiring leads to a short or burn between the steel sections of the motor or compressor. If this issue occurs, your AC unit will fail to start, and you might even end up replacing the whole unit.

The best way to avoid this issue is by scheduling a regular inspection of your AC unit. When you act soon, an experienced and skilled technician will immediately identify and repair the problem before it spreads. However, if you have an old unit, installing a new AC might be the best solution if you have a burnt motor.

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