Water Heater Repair in Somerset, KYIf you jump into the shower and find out that the water coming out is as cold as ice, you need immediate water heater repair in Somerset, KY. The same can be said if you notice that it takes too long for the water to turn hot or just a dip in performance and efficiency. Before your water heater gives out completely, you’ll usually notice other minor signs. It’s best not to ignore these signs, as taking care of the issue as soon as possible may end up saving the water heater from permanent damage.

    During the water heater service, our team will not only look for other issues that need to be addressed, but will give you a comprehensive analysis on the overall condition of your unit. We’ll give you some pointers on what to look out for and provide you with some details on what may break down next. Our team will propose several solutions for you to choose from and will also implement preventative measures that keep your unit in prime condition for a longer amount of time.

    Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

    Depending on the type of water heater that you have, many different things can go wrong. Our team will need to inspect the unit in detail to figure out what to fix. Sometimes, it can be as simple as tightening a loose screw or resetting the thermostat. In some of the more severe situations, we might need to replace damaged parts.

    The best way to avoid costly water heater repair in Somerset is to keep an eye on your unit. If you notice that something is wrong, reach out to Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing immediately. We can help you figure out whether or not you need help.

    Some suspicious signs to keep an eye out for include:
    • Low hot water pressure
    • Discolored, rusty-looking hot water
    • Water stains and leakages around heater
    • Odd noises coming from the heater

    Expert Water Heater Service in Somerset

    Expert Water Heater Service in SomersetIf you need to contact a water heater contractor, reach out to Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing today. We have years of experience and have provided reliable, exemplary workmanship to our past customers. Our goal is to provide you with affordable services and to provide each customer with a custom-tailored experience. Our hard work has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we are screened and approved by HomeAdvisor. Our plumbing team is NATE-certified, experienced, and will always take the time to go the extra mile for you!

    Rely on Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing to provide you with affordable, exemplary water heater repair in Somerset!
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