The Newest Innovations in HVAC Technology Today

November 20, 2020

Many homeowners currently own an HVAC system and depend on their systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. If your system is getting old and you don’t want to invest more money in repairs, you may be trying to decide between the several different types of modern HVAC systems available on the market. If you’re having trouble choosing one, read on to learn about five innovations that are among some of the newest on the market.

1. Home Automation Advancements

Home automation is a modern technology that integrates devices found in homes with computerized automation capabilities. Lights and security systems were among the first to take on this new kind of technology. The HVAC industry is now incorporating automation advancement too.

These systems use a variety of tools to carry out automation processes personalized specifically to your needs. Sensors track temperatures and inhabitant locations within your home, while computers establish patterns of movements and preferences. These sensors give modern HVAC systems the ability to know exactly what to do and when to do it. Plants, pets, and even guests can be accounted for in these types of automated systems.

2. Mobile HVAC Technology

Have you ever left home and forgot to turn the heater off? Would you like the air conditioner to come on 15 minutes before you come home so when you arrive your home is already at the perfect temperature? With today’s advancements in mobile HVAC technology, these past impossibilities are now very real possibilities.

The new mobile HVAC systems use a variety of tools to help keep your home comfortable even when you’re not at home. Some HVAC systems have tools that use proximity and location controls to sense when the homeowner is nearing or leaving their home to instruct the system what to do. Other systems use voice commands. Many of these systems also work great in conjunction with home automation systems to boost system efficiency while getting your home at your desired comfort level.

3. Sustainability Advancements

There’s been a great increase in our understanding of the importance of sustainability, and today’s homebuilding and HVAC industries have taken notice. The result has been a continuous line of new eco-friendly materials and systems being developed and quickly introduced to the market. From paints, wall materials, roof materials, and more, we’ve seen some adaptations take place in recent times.

The HVAC industry has experienced rapid popularization and improvements of their systems that use solar and other renewable fuel sources as well as the use of greatly improved geothermal heating and cooling systems. Geothermal systems are those that utilize the natural heating and cooling energy found below ground to heat and cool structures without additional, energy-hungry components. There are also several new types of eco-friendly materials being designed for use in the construction of modern HVAC systems that we’re eagerly awaiting to hit the markets.

4. Automatic Maintenance Sensing

In the past, all HVAC systems have relied solely on human intervention for proper maintenance to take place at the appropriate scheduled time. Now, systems are being produced that track their own status, run-time hours, and more. These systems can provide real-time reports to the homeowner or even to their preferred HVAC service provider. This is an excellent development in that it automates the maintenance process for the homeowner. Homeowners of modern HVAC systems no longer have to remember to schedule maintenance but can rely on the system to do it.

5. Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality-based training is yet another innovation to recently hit the HVAC community. In the past, potential technicians had to be trained face-to-face with a certified expert in the field. Although this type of training is good and still required, VR-based training can simulate just about any situation for any type of HVAC equipment. Virtual reality simulated training gives potential technicians another way to learn.

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