Why You Should Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

April 11, 2023
HVAC services in Somerset, KY

Keeping your home cool during the warm season requires a lot of energy and can take a significant toll on your AC unit. Your system’s motor and constantly moving parts will slowly wear down and malfunction over time, leading to efficiency issues. A lack of maintenance can even result in more frequent breakdowns and repair needs. Here’s why you should start scheduling regular AC unit maintenance.

Lowered Utility Costs

Common AC issues like malfunctioning motors, leaky ducts, and dirty filters will rack up your energy costs every month. All of these problems put additional strain on the system, making it work harder to produce enough cool air. A well-maintained air conditioner runs more smoothly and efficiently, lowering your bills and boosting your comfort. It’s best to schedule a maintenance appointment at least once a year or when you notice an irregular spike in your household’s energy consumption.

Increased AC Lifespan

Most central air conditioners will last about 10 to 15 years with routine professional HVAC care. If your system isn’t maintained, you may have to pay for a replacement unit years ahead of schedule. Before your system finally stops working, you’ll likely also be stuck with increased repair costs. Maintenance is a great way to limit the spread of internal damage and keep your system running safely.

Fewer System Shutdowns

Small AC issues can go unnoticed for years. However, just because your system is still temporarily functioning doesn’t mean it’s in peak condition. Minor problems will slowly develop into major costs that lead to the entire system shutting down one hot summer day. On top of leaving your family without air conditioning, you’ll also have to pay for any repairs, replacement costs, or even a new system. When you call for maintenance, your technician will find any parts about to break down and replace them before they cause an issue.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your central air system uses filters just like your furnace to pull contaminants out of the air. These filters usually need to be switched out every one to three months depending on the material and your household’s air quality profile. Calling for maintenance will allow an expert to check your AC system and ducts for any debris buildup. Your technician will also provide filter recommendations and search for any moisture issues that may disturb your humidity level. If your air conditioner is fogging up your windows and increasing your interior humidity, reach out to our HVAC team at Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing to correct the issue.

Boosted Comfort

Older, outdated AC systems steadily lose their efficiency and cooling strength every year. You may notice your unit staying on longer to reach your desired temperature or starting cooling cycles more frequently. During your maintenance appointment, your tech will examine the refrigerant level, blower motor, fans, evaporator coil, and more to make sure everything is functioning as intended. Annual maintenance will keep your AC unit in the best condition possible until you need to replace it.

Access to Maintenance Discounts

Signing up for a maintenance membership can give you huge savings on your yearly tune-ups as well as any necessary repair costs. These packages often come with two maintenance appointments a year, during which your system will be thoroughly examined and cleaned. Other services included are safety checks, airflow measurements, thermostat calibrations, and lubrication for all moving parts.

Following Manufacturer Warranty Guidelines

Along with your workmanship warranty, your AC unit likely came with a manufacturer’s warranty dated from the day it was installed. This warranty covers any material or construction defects and will help you with future repairs and system replacements. However, these warranties also often have stipulations that make routine professional maintenance a requirement. Without a valid history of professional care, your manufacturer can nullify the agreement, making it your responsibility to pay all your AC costs.

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