How to Set Your AC for Vacation

July 28, 2021
AC Vacation Settings in Somerset, KY

When the hot summer months come back around, many of us are headed to a new vacation destination to explore. While your mind is likely on all the things that you’re going to do when you’re on vacation, you need to get your house prepared to handle the time without you. One important task to complete before you leave is properly setting your air conditioning system.

Why Not Turn It Off?

When it comes to your home air conditioning system, you may just want to turn it off. It makes sense to turn it off when you won’t be home as it can save you money on electricity. However, this could be setting your home up for disaster.

When your air conditioner is not running, the outside air will find its way into your house. This air is composed of high heat and high humidity when left unattended. This combination can wreak havoc on the various components of your home.

Mold and Mildew

The two biggest problems that you’re going to face with high humidity inside of your home are mold and mildew. When the relative humidity inside of your home reaches 55% or more, it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and even insects. When mold and mildew start to grow, they can double their numbers overnight. This can create a big problem, especially when you’re on a week-long vacation.

Wood Damage

It’s likely that you have various objects in your home that are made of wood. These include objects like desks, coffee tables, bed frames, and even home decor. When humidity levels get too high inside of your home, the moisture in the air can actually cause damage to the wood. Some common types of damage include warping and bloating.

Setting the Appropriate Temperature

Now, since you understand that you’re going to need to have your home air conditioning system on, the question becomes where do you set it. Your overall objective is to set your thermostat at a temperature where it will kick on a couple of times throughout the day. This will allow your home to remove some of the heat and moisture that accumulates over time.

It’s best to take a look at what the temperatures have been in the last couple of weeks outside. You’ll want to set your home thermostat to a few degrees below what the average temperature has been. When your air conditioning system is set on the auto function, it will automatically read what the temperature is and tell your air conditioner to kick on if the temperature is higher than what your desired temperature is.

For example, let’s say that the temperatures have been in the low 90s. It’s best to set your home thermostat at 84 degrees. This will give enough leeway to ensure that your air conditioning system kicks on and runs at least a couple of times a day.

Ensure It’s on Auto Mode

It’s important that your air conditioning system is set on auto mode when you go on vacation. This will allow your thermostat to automatically turn on your air conditioning system if it reads that the actual temperature of the room is above what your desired temperature is set at.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

Most newer home air conditioning systems come with a smart thermostat. This allows you to link the thermostat to your smartphone so that you can change the temperature and other settings from the convenience of your phone. This is especially helpful for times when you’re away from home, like when you’re on vacation.

Let’s say that you follow the temperature settings above and put your thermostat at 84 degrees. A few days into your vacation, you look at the temperature back home and realize that they’re going through a cold spell where temperatures remain in the mid-80s. You can easily pull out your smartphone and turn down the set temperature on your thermostat to 78 degrees. This will ensure that your system kicks on and runs to remove the humidity out of the air inside of your home.

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