7 Noises From Your Air Conditioner That May Indicate Repairs Are Necessary

January 18, 2024
AC Repair in Somerset, KY

Having a noisy air conditioner can be irritating and worrisome. No matter the source of the noise, understanding the culprit behind it is essential. The sound could be nothing to worry about, but unusual noises are often a warning sign that your cooling unit needs repair. If you hear unusual sounds from your system, you should contact a trusted HVAC expert for diagnosis and repair or replacement.

1. Banging Noises

A banging noise from your air conditioner may indicate the compressor has a problem. The compressor is responsible for distributing refrigerant to various parts of your cooling system to remove heat from your home. Compressors usually do not begin to fail until your unit reaches the end of its useful lifetime. The banging noises may be the result of its internal components coming loose.

Unfortunately, compressors are not designed to be repaired and are expensive to replace. If you have a bad compressor, upgrading your air conditioning system may make more sense than paying a hefty bill to fix it. Experts suggest that if an upcoming HVAC repair will cost more than half of what installing a new system would, then it may be time for an upgrade. This is especially true if your air conditioner is older. The average expected lifetime of these units is 10 to 15 years.

2. Screeching Noises

Screeching noises emitting from your air conditioner can have several causes. The most common is a malfunctioning fan motor in the outside condenser unit due to a lack of lubrication in the bearings. If the noise comes from inside, it is most likely an issue with the blower motor that circulates cool air through your house. Loose fan belts in your system’s interior or exterior components can also cause a screeching noise. A qualified HVAC technician can usually repair issues with fan belts and lack of lubrication in motors. Generally, these issues do not require you to replace your system.

3. Humming Noises

A defective contactor relay switch may result in a humming noise inside your AC unit. This component starts the outdoor condenser unit when it receives a signal from your thermostat. Your unit will often not run if the contactor relay switch has malfunctioned. You will most likely have to contact a professional to resolve this issue before you can continue using your air conditioning.

4. Buzzling Noises

Buzzing noises from your AC unit require action, and you should never ignore them because they may indicate a problem with the electrical system. They can be caused by anything from a loose wire to a faulty circuit board. If there’s an electrical problem in your unit, it can cause your cooling system to work less efficiently and can even be a fire hazard.

A non-electrical issue that can cause a buzzing noise is a frozen condenser unit. This is a common problem with air conditioners that have run for a while without maintenance. Freezing issues are usually the result of low refrigerant levels, dirty coils, or clogged filters. If you are experiencing this issue, you can try replacing the air filter and thawing out the condenser by turning off the air conditioning for several hours. Afterward, turn it on at the lowest setting to determine if the noise has disappeared. You will have to contact a professional to fix your cooling system if the buzzing noise persists.

5. Rattling Noises

Rattling noises may be caused by sticks, leaves, or other debris finding their way into your outdoor unit. These sounds can also indicate that an internal part has become loose in your system. It is important to call a HVAC technician promptly to fix this issue because debris or loose parts rattling around in your unit can cause damage that may result in expensive repairs.

6. Clicking Noises

While a clicking sound is considered normal at the beginning and end of cooling cycles, it is a concern if you hear continuous clicking sounds from your air conditioner. Repetitive clicking sounds can be an indicator of a malfunctioning thermostat. Since replacing a malfunctioning thermostat is a complex project, have a professional perform this task.

7. Hissing Noises

A Hissing sound may indicate a refrigerant leak within your AC system. This sound comes from the refrigerant as it escapes from the coolant piping since it’s under tremendous pressure when held inside the closed system of your air conditioner. An HVAC professional will identify where the leak is, repair it, and refill your unit with refrigerant to the proper level if necessary.

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