7 Factors That Determine How Often Your AC System Needs Serviced

August 17, 2022
AC Maintenance in Somerset, KY

During the summer months, your air conditioner is easily the most important appliance in your Somerset, KY home. Scheduling professional maintenance ahead of the hot season is the best way to ensure efficient performance. However, certain factors may make it necessary for homeowners to have their cooling equipment serviced more frequently. Following are seven things to consider when establishing a preventative maintenance schedule for your AC.

1. The Recommendations of Your AC Manufacturer

When setting a preventative maintenance schedule for your home cooling equipment, be sure to consider the recommendations of your AC manufacturer. Take a minute to read through your owner’s manual. Not only will this tell you how often your air conditioner should be serviced, but it will also provide a preventative maintenance checklist that your HVAC company can follow.

If your air conditioner is under warranty, you’ll want to adhere to the guidelines that have been set forth in this agreement as well. Manufacturer warranties guarantee the replacement or repair of all defective parts. However, these protections may not apply to homeowners who are lax in having their cooling equipment properly and professionally maintained.

2. The Size of Your AC Equipment

Heating and cooling equipment should always be correctly sized for the intended service area. HVAC companies perform careful calculations before recommending heating and cooling equipment. If you picked your air conditioner out on your own and believe that it’s too large or too small for your home based upon its current performance, you should have your HVAC company create a needs-specific preventative maintenance plan. Oversize and under-sized cooling equipment will always work harder than it’s intended to. Until you replace improperly sized equipment, frequent tune-ups and inspections should be the norm.

3. Integrated AC Accessories

Integrated accessories are supplementary units installed within HVAC ducting that are meant to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ). These should seamlessly coordinate with the ongoing functions of your air conditioner to provide IAQ improvements without causing increases in air pressure or placing undue stress on your AC in other ways. If you have an integrated air purifier, air scrubber, or dehumidifier, it may be necessary to have your AC system inspected both at the start of the hot season and at summer’s end.

4. Your Environment

If your AC unit was recently exposed to a tremendous amount of smoke due to a nearby fire, you should have it professional serviced right away. This remains true even if you’ve already paid for an annual AC tune-up. Any outdoor event that places excess stress on your air conditioner warrants a second look by a licensed HVAC company.

5. The Needs and Challenges of Your Family

IAQ concerns are a constant issue for households with people who have COPD, asthma, allergies, or other ongoing respiratory ailments. In homes like these, HVAC equipment should be diligently cleaned and maintained, and air conditioners should be inspected at least once each year. In the event of “second summer” or extended high temperatures that last well into October, you may want to have your AC inspected and cleaned a second time in early autumn.

6. The Type of Cooling Equipment That You Own

If you’re using a ductless heat pump for indoor cooling, you should have your unit serviced twice annually. Unlike ductless AC units and central air conditioners, heat pumps often face year-round demand. When these units are used for both cooling and heating, they should be serviced in mid to late-spring and again in early autumn.

7. The Age of Your AC

When air conditioners are properly sized for the intended service area and well-maintained, they can last between 15 and 20 years. However, most cooling systems experience significant decreases in efficiency after the 10-year mark. Older air conditioners are also more likely to break down due to worn parts and general wear. As such, during extended summers or summers with excessively high temperatures, it may be worthwhile to have an older machine inspected again. For most newer models, having AC service performed just one yearly before summer starts is the norm.

Homeowners in Somerset, Kentucky and the surrounding area can always count on Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing for fast, friendly, and reliable AC service. We also provide drain cleaning, water heater installation, air duct cleaning, and indoor air quality services. If you need help establishing the right preventative maintenance schedule for your home cooling equipment, call us today.

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