When striving to maintain overall health, individuals must consider how indoor air quality in London, KY, remains an important factor in the equation. The array of microscopic airborne contaminants often found indoors presents a serious health risk to youngsters and elderly adults.

    Poor IAQ also has the potential for exacerbating chronic medical conditions. However, our experienced professionals at Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing provide our local clients with air quality solutions.

    Achieving Good Indoor Air Quality

    Although we spend approximately 90% of our time inside, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollution is commonly two to five times worse than that outdoors. Besides adding to dust accumulation and interfering with air circulation, poor indoor air quality poses a number of health concerns.

    Passing exposure to airborne bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, or viruses can produce flu-like respiratory symptoms. Chronic exposure has the potential to provoke more serious health problems, including asthma attacks.

    Ongoing lung irritation may lead to chronic bronchitis or emphysema. Volatile organic compounds, secondhand smoke, and radon dispersed in the air even have the potential to cause lung cancer.

    When the immune system reacts to respiratory inflammation and irritation, there is a danger of blood clot formation, which hinders blood flow. Should a clot travel and cause a vascular blockage, individuals run the risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke.

    Of course, maintaining your IAQ can avert most of these concerns. If you want to improve air quality in home, there are a few places to start. Routinely changing HVAC filters remains one of the basic methods to ensure proper airflow while helping to reduce airborne particulates.

    Available higher-grade filters are specifically designed to alleviate allergy symptoms by removing contaminants from the air. Ductwork also requires periodic cleaning and maintenance.

    Yet these techniques do not provide adequate results in most cases. Although some might try devices for individual rooms, you can achieve far superior results with a whole-home air purifier.

    The iWave-R air cleaner is one of the air quality solutions that our team at Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing recommends. Our iWave product uses advanced cleaning technology to improve air quality in home when installed into an HVAC system. There are also natural ways your can clean your homes air. House plants can help greatly with indoor air quality!

    While silently working, the iWave uses ionization to trap and remove a variety of airborne particulates known to cause common respiratory problems.

    There are many benefits of the iWave system:
    • Effective elimination of viruses, bacteria, and mold
    • Reduction of allergens, VOCs, dust, and smoke
    • Programmable cleaning cycle
    • No maintenance required
    • No ozone production

    Local IAQ Experts in London

    Our team at Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing offers services that vastly improve indoor air quality so customers can enjoy environments that are not only more comfortable but also healthier. Rely on us to remedy any suspected indoor air pollution problems.

    The ongoing devotion our NATE-certified technicians bring to their work has earned us the approval and recognition of HomeAdvisor and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    We also offer outstanding AC installation, AC maintenance and AC repair in London, KY!

    If you’d like to improve your indoor air quality in London, contact us at Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing today.