Poor indoor air quality in Russell Springs, KY, could be to blame for triggering breathing issues in your home. Over time, the regular use of household products can cause pollutants to build up on your surfaces. The accumulation of pollutants is then released into the air each time you disturb them, thus contaminating your indoor environment.

    Running an HVAC system with a dirty filter also releases dust, pet dander, and more indoors while it is in use. Pollen and outdoor pollutants also permeate your indoor air when you open your windows to freshen your home. Together, they can make the air in your home thick with harmful substances and hard to breathe.

    Hence, it can really take a toll on those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory and immune system disorders. An IAQ test allows you to learn the exact type and level of contaminants in your indoor air. After this time, you may invest in a home air cleaner to help improve it for a healthier home.

    IAQ Services in Russell Springs

    IAQ testing involves an expert technician coming to your home and screening your indoors for concentrations of airborne pollutants. These pollutants could include bacteria, mold, aerosol particulates, and more. They will then work with you to choose the best air purification system for removing them.

    An air purification system installs with your HVAC system, so you hardly know it’s there. However, you will notice healthier, more breathable air as it works to eliminate dust, viruses, odors, and more. Your air quality testing results will determine whether a HEPA purifier, UV purifier, or another purifier is best for you.

    Good indoor air quality provides many benefits for your home:
    • Creates cozier indoor environment
    • Helps prevent illness
    • Helps prevent allergy symptoms
    • Helps prevent respiratory issues
    • Helps prevent unpleasant odors

    A home air cleaner also requires little upkeep. Therefore, once you install it, you will also save on maintenance costs. It can also last up to three years or more before it needs a replacement. Hence, it will more than pay for itself in a matter of time.

    Our Indoor Air Quality Testing

    At Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing, we love doing our part to help create a safer, healthier home. Hence, it shows in our passionate work and friendly service with a smile.

    Our technicians are also highly trained in IAQ techniques and the different home air cleaners. Therefore, you can trust our results and recommendations for the best outcomes. We also offer flexible financing to help.

    We also offer the best AC installation, AC maintenance and AC repair in Russell Springs, KY!

    If you are part of our Russell Springs community and wonder about your indoor air quality, contact Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing for testing.