Furnace Service in Nancy, KYWe at Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing provide exceptional services in furnace repair in Nancy, KY. When you require furnace service from a team of specialists, you can count on our team. Any heating system, such as furnaces and heat pumps, can be serviced by us.

    When you suspect there are problems, you can count on us. We’ll dispatch one of our professionals to investigate the issue and come up with a solution. We give more attention to the smallest details and look for any abnormalities with your heating system.

    Trusted Furnace Repair in Nancy

    Most of the warning signs that your furnace needs to be checked are very noticeable. It could be that your furnace runs constantly and fails to maintain your desired temperature. The energy bills are much higher than they should be, especially during the winter months.

    Trusted Furnace Repair in NancySometimes you may hear noises such as those made by rattling or grinding. These types of noises indicate that parts within your furnace have broken and need to be replaced. Foul smells may also be coming from the vents. These smells indicate airflow and air quality problems, not to mention that no one wants their home to smell like burnt rubber or sawdust. These signs may mean that there are malfunctions in your furnace, like a faulty fan motor, broken blower wheel, or blown circuit board.

    Getting your furnace repaired by one of our licensed technicians is important because it helps you prevent issues like:
    • No heat
    • Unnecessarily high energy bills
    • An invalidated warranty
    • The need for a total system replacement

    Your Team of Furnace Service Pros

    At Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing, we are your preferred furnace service provider in Nancy. Our technicians are experts in their field because they receive constant training and certification to ensure they know the best techniques for furnace repairs. We have also received BBB accreditation and an A+ rating, and HomeAdvisor has approved us. We are located in Main Street, Nancy.

    We guarantee to deliver quality services. Call us today to schedule your appointment! Are you not in need of furnace repair? We also provide expert air conditioning repairs! Do you require a heating tune-up? At Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing also provide reliable furnace maintenance that can prolong the life of your system and improve your energy efficiency.

    Sometimes, the best option is to replace your system. Especially if you are experiencing request breakdowns or your system is more than a decade old. Our experienced technicians can help you choose and install the most efficient system for your home.

    How do I know what type of heating system I have?

    Identify your heating system by checking the type of fuel it uses (gas, oil, electric) and the distribution method (forced air, radiant, steam). Look for key components like furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, or baseboard heaters. Consult your home’s documentation or contact an HVAC professional for assistance in determining the exact type.

    Why is my furnace not turning on?

    Common causes include thermostat issues, power problems such as a blown fuse or tripped breaker, pilot light or ignition problems, clogged air filters, or a malfunctioning thermostat.

    What should I do if my furnace is blowing cold air?

    The thermostat might be set to “ON” instead of “AUTO,” the pilot light could be out, the furnace might be overheating and triggering the safety switch, or there could be issues with the gas supply.

    What causes strange noises from my furnace?

    Strange noises from your furnace can be due to loose or damaged parts, issues with the blower motor, or problems within the ductwork. For instance, a squealing sound often indicates a belt issue, while a rattling noise may suggest loose panels or other components.