AC Won’t Cool? Here’s Why

August 7, 2020

Your AC unit is your lifesaver during the summer. Without air conditioning, you would be sweating throughout the entire day and pretty unproductive. While ceiling fans can help, they really don’t get the job done when you need cooling the most. However, we’ve all faced a situation where your cooling system simply won’t cool. No matter how you play with the settings and controls, the temperature doesn’t drop from dawn to dusk. Here are a few reasons why your AC won’t cool and how to approach these scenarios.

1. Low on Refrigerant

First, an AC that is low on refrigerant can’t get the job done. It will end up just blowing warm air back into your home and might even make things worse. Make sure the refrigerant container is full of refrigerant. In the summer, you want to keep this topped off due to the sheer heat. Moreover, if you haven’t used the AC for an extended period of time, the refrigerant might be expired instead. Although it does have a long shelf life, at a certain point, the liquid won’t get any cooling done. Check the last time you swapped out refrigerant or had it topped off. If you determine its low, call a professional HVAC company like Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing in Somerset, KY, as refilling refrigerant is something that only a professional should be doing.

2. Dirty Air Filter

Next, a dirty air filter is another major impediment. Not only will this prevent your AC from cooling, but it will literally trap dust and other particles in the filter. There won’t be a clear airstream for your unit to operate with. If it is a reusable filter, you can clean it and insert it into your AC again. If it is non-reusable, throw it away because the filter is not designed to have a long lifespan.

In general, you really want to play it on the safe side when reusing filters. A used filter will likely have some varying degree of damage and should be tossed out in favor of a new one. There’s no point in reinstalling a dirty, worn-out filter that you will have to change out in a couple of weeks.

3. Aging AC

If you can’t detect a specific problem with your AC, the issue might simply be that the unit is old. As an AC ages, it loses functionality and effectiveness. A decade later, the unit isn’t cooling anywhere near how it used to. At this point, you should seek out professional AC repair or choose a replacement altogether.

The bottom line is that the problem isn’t your fault, and if anything, you should pat yourself on the back for good maintenance. Look at the history of your home to determine when the unit was last inspected. If it has been over five years, you have the answer. No continual maintenance is the very probable cause of failure in this instance.

4. Extreme Heat

Extreme heat is another thing that is largely out of your control. If the difference between the outdoor temperature and your target indoor temperature is too great, your AC won’t cool sufficiently. If you turn the AC to a stronger setting, you only increase the chance of allowing the AC to overheat. Here, you simply have to acknowledge that your unit has limits. Settle for a warmer temperature that won’t put unnecessary stress on your AC.

5. Leaky Ducts

Lastly, leaky ducts can prevent your AC from cooling. Ducts are supposed to transport cool air to all the rooms of your home. When they develop leaks, cool air is diverted into the wall or ground instead. Cooling the interior of your walls, or cooling the attic or basement probably isn’t what you are hoping for when you turn on your HVAC Unit.

Repair these ducts to restore a steady flow of air to the entirety of your home. Even if a duct isn’t completely ruptured, the exterior material can become thin and porous. In this case, cool air will be seeping out like air in a balloon. If you have access to the body of the duct, you can take a look to see this seepage in action.

Cooling With Your AC

These are the five main reasons why your AC won’t cool your home. With a little bit of investigation, you can determine the underlying cause and get on the road to recovering your cool, comfortable space. For professional help with the process, turn to Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing in Somerset, KY. Our seasoned technicians can fix your AC and schedule future repairs in an instant. We’re also capable of heating maintenance, repairs and installations. Call on us for an appointment or for answers to your questions.

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