5 Signs You Need a Heating System Replacement

November 8, 2019

Depending on your furnace model, you can expect it to last between 15 and 20 years. If you have an older model of furnace, you may be wondering when to replace it. Of course, it’s best to replace your furnace before it totally breaks down. The following five signs indicate that you need a heating system replacement.

1. Loud Noises

As it operates, your furnace will probably make a humming sound. You don’t have to be concerned about this sound. However, there are a few noises that should concern you.

A banging sound could mean that your furnace burners are dirty. High-pitched squealing might be an indication that your furnace’s motor needs lubrication. A clanking noise could mean that a part is loose.

2. Dust and Dirt Buildup

A small amount of dirt and dust in your home isn’t a problem. However, a noticeable amount of soot from your furnace could be a sign that your unit is malfunctioning. Start by checking your air filter. If it gets dirty quickly after you swap in a new one, you may need a replacement.

3. Rising Utility Costs

Heating and gas bills fluctuate slightly each year. It’s normal to pay a few more dollars for utility bills if rates go up. If your heating and gas bills are abnormally high, however, contact Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing in Somerset, KY. We can inspect your system and see if there’s an energy efficiency problem.

4. Rusty Furnace

As your furnace gets older, it’s natural for rust to form. However, the presence of rust could indicate that water is leaking in your furnace. Rust can corrode your unit and cause it to break down.

5. Old Heating System

Once your furnace has outlived its usefulness, there is nothing you can do to fix it. You must replace it. If your furnace is approaching its 15-year mark, it’s time to get installation estimates.

Ready to replace your furnace with a new and efficient model? Call to schedule an appointment for an estimate with Jeffries Heating & Air + Plumbing. Our technicians provide emergency service, installations and repairs for heating and cooling systems.

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